About Us

Hello! Welcome to the tiny pocket of the world that is Elkberry. :)

Elkberry is a one-woman, two-dog show. I'm Alecia, the human, howdy! I'm a Graphic Designer and I harbor a healthy hankering for pockets, be those on clothing or the mobile kind (bags, pouches, totes, satchels, wallets...). I could never find the bags I wanted in stores, so I started designing my own and I figured other people out there might be looking for them, too!

My goal is to bring you a wide selection of goodies that you just can't find anywhere else. New designs and products are added ALL. OF. THE. TIME, so check back often for new releases (or better yet, sign up for our mailing list below and I'll do all the work)!

Take a look around and if you have any questions, just ask!