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Gift Guide for Gardeners!

Gift Guide for Gardeners!

Howdy! So you're looking for some gift ideas for the gardener in your life? Maybe there are a few? Well, the good news is that this list covers new gardeners AND experienced gardeners and it's a little mix of fruit & veggie gardeners as well as those raising those beautiful flowers.

It should cover anyone who likes gardens in general. :)

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1. Foldable Garden Stool / Kneeler with Tool Bag

First and foremost, let's protect those backs and knees, amiright?! This particular one has pocket for gloves & tools, yes please. This is a gift that I've given and gotten and I don't think any gardener has ever been upset about receiving. As of this post, there's a 5% off coupon on Amazon, woot woot!

2. Grampa's Weeders

Oh, we'll get rid of those pesky weeds, alright. If only the stuff we WANTED in the garden would be as tough and resilient as the weeds! This combo helps to get them out by the root. The big one is nice because you can save your back & knees (are we sensing a theme?).

3. Soil Tester (pH / Moisture / Light)

Some plants are pretty picky about where they live & what they eat, so knowing what you're up against will help you get those babies to grow grow GROW! This is also a great gift for someone who's into gardening & tech! As of this post, there's a $4 off coupon on Amazon, wee hoo!

4. Bee / Bug Hotel

Who wouldn't want a little help in the garden by attracting little workers to keep things going while they're sleeping? Be careful, this might start a new hobby of scripting a little telenovela to explain the dynamics of drama that take place in there. This particular brand comes in two different sizes. As of this post, there's a whopping 10% off on Amazon!

5. Tool Basket with Common Garden Tools

This is a great gift not only for beginner gardeners, but sometimes the pros want a back-up set so they're "good" ones don't get more beat up than they need to! As of this post, there's a 5% off coupon on Amazon!

6. Tool Organizer for Shed / Garage

Speaking of tools, this is a great way to organize everything to eliminate the hardest part of gardening - finding everything again in the Spring! This one will keep all of the essentials right where they need to be. As of this post, there's a 10% off coupon on Amazon!

7. Garden Inspiration

This book is a great resource to show a gardener what to do with (and in) their garden. Whether it's making a decoration from something they grew or even making gifts from their garden so they can pass on the kindness!

8. Mosquito Repeller

They brought in the good bugs, but what about keeping the annoying ones away while they're out there working? Here's a great alternative to spraying that sticky bug spray. It covers a 15 foot zone and it's easy enough to move it as they go. It also comes in tons of beautiful colors, so it's probably best to go ahead and get a coordinating pair.

9. Big Bottom Zipper Pouch - Potted Plants in Red

Just for fun, let's throw in a little bag so they can think about their plants even when they're not in the garden. This bag is a great size for storing all sorts of things at home or even in the shed. It comes in 2 different styles, colors, and sizes!

10. Plant Markers / Labels

Some gardeners insist they'll remember what they planted where and immediately forget the moment they walk away. Not that I know anyone like that, just saying, some gardeners...

11. Solar Lights

Gardens aren't just a place to play in the dirt, they can be enjoyed on a nice summer evening while sipping on a delicious beverage. Look at the pretty lights!

12. Guide to Vegetables with Recipes

Not sure what to do with all of those experiments that they planted this year? Then take a gander at this book - it has recipes for common AND unusual vegetables so that hard work won't go to waste!

13. Mini Greenhouse

It's always wonderful to extend the growing season with a little extra protection from the elements. These mini greenhouses don't seem like much, but they are great for seed starting and keeping some herbs going well into the colder months.

14. Seeding Square

This is a great tool for beginners & pros alike. The seeding square helps get the most out of garden by showing the recommended space to keep between certain plants. It even comes with a little seed dibber so you don't forget where things go when you pick it back up!

15. Gardener's Handbook

Need a little help or a little inspiration to try something new? The Old Farmer's Almanac is the place to go. I'm not the only one who thinks that, check out it's rating on Amazon - 5 stars with over 4,000 reviews!

16. Tree Identification Flashcards

Not sure what's growing over there? If it's a tree, the answer is probably in these cards. And if it's not, they're just plain pretty to look at, too.

17. Beginner Beekeeping Kit

Are they ready to enter into the world of beekeeping? This beginner kit has most of the necessities to get started. It might be a good idea to pick up a book for a little guidance...

18. Clear Birdhouse

While super fun to watch (not to mention they'd make great villains for that ongoing telenovela), birds aren't so fun when they're eating all of the seeds and goodies from the garden. Putting this clear bird house (far) away from the garden makes for double the pleasure.

19. Hydroponic AeroGarden Kit

Sometimes the weather isn't the best for a garden, but that doesn't mean they can't have fresh herbs grown by their very own green thumbs! These hydroponic gardens really do take away all of the scariness of growing!

20. Weekender Bag - Little Plant

This big tote is perfect for any gardener to show off their style while they're on the go. They can even store all of their wonderful garden books in there!

21. Gardening Classes - Skillshare Membership

Skillshare Logo

Skillshare has TONS of classes for gardening among many other topics. They can pick and choose single classes or sign up for a Learning Path that suggests a few classes to get them closer to an end goal. Just a quick search found 116 different classes for Gardening and the classes are sorted by Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced and also by class length, so it will cover any Gardener!

Most classes have a Class Project so they can even track their progress with others (totally optional)! A yearly membership is $99 and that includes access to every class in their catalog. Seriously great stuff - I'm on there all of the time!

Alrighty - that's the Gift Guide for Gardeners! I really hope you found this list helpful. Enjoy & Happy Gift Giving!


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