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25 Ways to Use a Tote Bag... Other Than as a Shopping Bag!

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Tote bags are the wonder-tool of my life. I keep a few folded up in my purse or car or backpack at all times! Fun fact, my purse is actually just a big tote bag that zippers shut! I’m that person at the checkout jamming stuff into their tote bags to avoid taking those annoying plastic bags (even though I still end up with some at home somehow!). We all know the benefits of using a reusable shopping bag instead of the single-use grocery bags, but here’s a list of 25 alternative ways to use your tote bags (some you might not have even thought of!)


  1. Make a statement! Add a stylish accessory to your outfit by choosing a tote bag with a unique design or pattern
  2. Catch some rays – use them as a beach bag to carry your towels, sunscreen, and other beach essentials
  3. Road trip! Carry your snacks, reading materials, and other travel essentials
  4. Organize your life! Use them in your car, at home, in the office for storing toys, blankets, laundry, books, papers, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, etc..
  5. Get in Shape – a gym bag to carry your workout clothes, water bottle, yoga mat, and other exercise essentials. The perfect bag might be that motivation to get you there if you need it!
  6. Oh Baby! Diaper bag to carry diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, snacks
  7. Take them on a picnic! The best way to get your snacks, drinks, and picnic blanket to your favorite outdoor spot
  8. In the Garden - carry your gardening tools, gloves, and seeds or plants
  9. Gift Bag - give presents in a unique and environmentally friendly way
  10. Let it rain! Use it as a makeshift umbrella if you get caught in an unexpected downpour
  11. Keep Calm and Carry-On – take them on flights so you always have quick access to your travel documents, electronics, and other essentials
  12. Did someone say lunch?! Use them as a lunch bag to carry your food and snacks to work or school
  13. Best friend organizer - use them as a pet bag to carry your pet's toys, food, and water when you're out and about with your furry friend
  14. Get Schooled! Carry your textbooks, notebooks, and other school supplies
  15. Farmer's Market bag to carry your fresh produce and support local farmers, you obviously know the value of a healthy environment if you’re shopping at the Farmer’s Market!
  16. Hold It! Storage bag for your winter clothes or summer beach gear when not in use
  17. Get Crafty! Carry your crafting supplies, sketchbooks, and projects on the go
  18. Beautify - Keep your makeup & cosmetics organized and easily accessible
  19. Trick-or-Treat! Replace that old pillowcase with a halloweenie-themed tote!
  20. Laptop / Tablet bag – Keep all of your related goodies like mice and styluses
  21. Clean yourself up! Use them as a laundry bag when traveling or at home!
  22. Get Stepping! Carry a change of shoes for after work or when traveling
  23. Take a Vacation! Don’t forget to pack those toiletries for vacations and slumber parties
  24. Say Cheese! Keep your camera supplies together and ready to roll for a photo shoot or a fun day out
  25. Be prepared! Make a first aid kit for at home, for the car, out on a hike…

Tote bags are not only practical but also eco-friendly and a great way to express your style and personality. So, get creative and start using your tote bags in new and exciting ways, the possibilities are endless!

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