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30 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts (for everyone you love!)

30 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts (for everyone you love!)

Why hello there, it's so lovely to see you!

I know what you’re thinking… Valentine’s Day is days away, I have PUH-LENTY of time! I totally agree, I’m a last minute shopper, too. But what if… hear me out… what if we actually had the gift BEFORE Valentine’s Day? Huh? What would THAT be like?

A few quick things about this list…

  1. Valentine’s Day is for anyone and any kind of love, so this list has gifts for everyone (including yourself)!
  2. Items 1-15 are eligible for Prime Shipping (or One-Day or even Same Day!) on Amazon, so if you have Prime, you’re in luck. If you don’t, then what the heck are you waiting for – you can try it for free!
  3. Items 16-25 are super fun Subscription Boxes (to gift or keep)!
  4. Items 26-30 are memberships, there are no physical items.
  5. Items 31-35 take a little longer because they are made-to-order, so these are bonus items, wee!!

And now, without further ado, here is your list…


1. Yoda One For Me T-Shirt

I had to start here, I had no choice. It was as if there was some kind of force making me put this at number one. Ok, enough nerdy humor (for now). I think Yoda is super-famous and most people who haven’t seen the Star Wars movies probably know who Yoda is, so this would be a gift that anyone could enjoy!

2. Wearable Blanket

Yes, please. I don’t think this one needs any explanation and it pairs well with most of the other gifts on this list. 😊

3. Snack Box Care Package

I’ve often thought about moving away just so people could send me care packages, but instead I’ve decided to devote the energy that moving requires towards figuring out how to get people to send them to me where I’m at (even though we live in the same city). I’m always taking suggestions on that – should we start a Google Docs to brainstorm?! Also, if you like this snack box care package idea, you might want to check out #21 on this list!

4. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

I know what you’re thinking, but you can have a “date” night with anyone you love! And the best part is that you could use this as a bucket list for yourself and go on these “dates” with a variety of people and without any of the guilt. Ok, I’ve convinced myself, I’m getting one.

5. Hand Casting Kit

This is a super sweet gift to do with someone you love, or with your whole family or friends group! I think that “Love” one would make a pretty cool conversation piece on your bookshelf or coffee table.

6. I Love You Bracelet

I really like that this is a non-conspicuous way to remind someone that you love them throughout the day. Each time they get a glimpse of their bracelet, they’ll think of you. This would also make a great gift for someone who is a little stressed or practicing mindfulness, pulling them out of that stressful moment and giving their minds a quick break. Every little break helps, people!

7. Spa Gift Set

Speaking of stress & mindfulness… how about some pampering supplies to take it to the next level? There are so many scents & designs available, even a spa set for kids! Some people are sensitive to and particular about their scents, so you may need to do some sleuthing to make sure it’s a gift and not a torture device, but not only are there a ton of scent options, some of these gift sets are worth buying for the container alone. Truth be told, I had trouble just picking one of these! But in case someone’s shopping for me, I think I narrowed it down to this one.

8. Animal Facial Masks

If you just couldn’t find the right scent for the spa gift set, then how about a fun mini-spa! In case you were unaware, these level-up and count as a working when used with a friend because you’ll both be laughing so much when you watch each other talk with these masks on.

9. Shiatsu Massager (with heat!)

Are you sensing a cozy & relaxing theme? Hey, who am I to rock the boat, let’s stay with me. If you know anyone who could use a little massage, these Shiatsu massagers work wonders! These can be used any time that a little TLC is needed, they even come with a car adapter – thanks for looking out for us!

10. Kindle eReader

The Kindle has come a long way since the beginning and they have one for just about everyone ranging from the all-in-one Kindle Fire tablet to the luxurious Kindle Scribe which comes with a pen stylus for making notes while reading (anyone need a gift idea for me? :D).

If you're looking for a nice, versatile Kindle for easy reading and portability, check out their tried and true standard Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite which has an adjustable warm light.

If you’ve peeked around Elkberry at all, you’ll see that I’m a big fan of books & eReaders, so a Kindle had to make it on the list. If you want to know more, you can check out my post on Kindles here! If they already have an eReader, you can gift Kindle Unlimited or Audible memberships, too (see Memberships below)!

11. Baking Decorating Kit

This idea is great because you can invite yourself in to either join in with the baking or conveniently pop over when the goodies are done! It’s like a fisher’s tacklebox or Ms. Poppins’ bag, the tools are super useful and not just for baking! If you want to make it more Valentine’s specific, these heart liners & toppers and these sweet sprinkles would do the trick!

12. Love Capsules

Have trouble saying your feelings out loud? Well, how about writing it down, shoving it in a tiny capsule, and mixing it with 89 other capsules in a jar? 😊

13. Takeout Dice

Does this sound familiar?

Me: What do you want to eat?

You: I don’t know… what do YOU want to eat?

Me: I’m good with literally anything, so you can pick and I will be happy with it. Seriously, anything.

You: How about <a perfectly good food suggestion>?

Me: Nah, anything but that.

If you make a pact to always respect the dice’s decision, you can skip over the possible argument that’s about to ensue and get right to the eating!

14. Ferrero Rocher Collection

If you know, then you know. If you don’t, then you might want to submit to peer pressure because they’re pretty dang yummy.

15. Puzzles

A great gift idea to share with someone or multiple someones! Some of these puzzles look like true works of art when they’re done, so if you find one that fits their décor, it’s really a two-fer! UNIDRAGON and DEPLEE make some pretty unique puzzles – the puzzle pieces are animal shaped!

If you want to take it up a notch, check out a 3D puzzle like this LED lit pirate ship – how cool would that be on a desk or a bookshelf?!




As I always say, these are the gift that keep on giving. I love me some subscription boxes and already have a few of these on my list! While the first box may not come in time for Valentine's Day, I'm counting the subscription as the gift, so you could make them a cute little note that this is what their gift is!

16. Indie Stitch Sewing Box

IndieStitch is a gift within a gift... within a gift. Each month you get a digital sewing pattern & a printed pattern, 2-4 yards of fabric fit to complete the pattern, all of the supplies for the project (including thread, needles, buttons, elastic, etc.) AND you get fun extras like sewing tools, notions, swag, and more! They have 3 different plans: IndieStitch Month to Month, IndieStitch Semi Annual Plan, and IndieStitch Annual Plan. You can check out past boxes here!

17. Smugglers Crate

Know any Star Wars fans? This box will make their year, fer sher. There are 2 different levels of subscription with different amounts of goodies in each box.

18. American Plant Exchange

Two houseplants are included in each box along with plant food to keep them fed for up to 6 months. A 1-year subscription to a plant care app is also included to remind the plant mama/papa that they have a plant and should probably do something to take care of it. 😊  If succulents are your thing, there is a subscription box just for that!

19. BattlBox Subscription


If you know anyone who enjoys the outdoors, exploration, survival, or just really cool tools & gear, they're going to love this box. Each box is a "Mission" that has tried and true, field-tested survival, EDC (Every Day Carry) gear, and more! You can explore their collections and previous boxes to get an idea of what's included. There are 4 different levels of boxes depending on the number of items you want to get/give.

20. Stationery Subscription Box

I’m a big stationery / office supplies addict myself, so if you know anyone like that, this one is sure to please! There are 3 different levels of subscription with different amounts of goodies in each box.

21. Bokksu – Japanese Snack Box

What a great way to experience the tastes of a new country without leaving home! This is a very popular and highly rated box, there are 20-25 premium Japanese snacks in each box.

22. KitNipBox (Cat Toys & Treats)

A monthly box of healthy treats, unique toys, and other goodies for your cat!

We can’t forget our furry loved ones! Each box comes with toys (or toys and food depending on the box chosen) to keep a cat entertained for just long enough for their owner to get a break from picking up whatever the cat knocks over in protest or disgust. Luckily this box comes in 4 different subscription options as cats know what they want! Check them out!

23. BarkBox (Dog Toys & Treats)

Of course we didn’t forget about the pups!! This box has toys, all natural treats, and a dental chew. You can choose the size of the dog to make sure you get appropriate sized goodies!

24. T-Shirt of the Month Club

As of now, there are 35 different options for this T-Shirt club depending on the person’s interest. They range from Disney to The Office to WWE. You pick a cut (Youth, Men’s, Women’s) and a size when ordering.

25. Crystal of the Month Box

Each box has a crystal and some bonus mini crystals & minerals that are hand-picked by their team from sources all around the world. There are some rare, old, and new finds to expand (or start) any crystal collection.




These are experiences that will allow someone to have fun and learn something new!

26. Kindle

You can gift a Kindle Unlimited Membership in 6, 12, and 24 month durations. If you want to know more about Kindles or the Unlimited Membership, check out my post on everything Kindle!

27. Audible Membership

An Audible Membership gives you a way to listen to books if you're not able to read them or if you want to multi-task (hello, long commute anyone?). I know several people with Audible Memberships and they all signed up & use the service for different reasons whether it's a long commute, working out, encouragement to finish difficult tasks, poor / tired eyes, sleep aide, or they just comprehend better when someone else reads to them. In other words, an Audible Membership works for just about anyone! Here's how to give a membership as a gift.

There are two different types of memberships, the Plus level gives you open access to listen to whatever is in the Audible library and the Premium Plus level includes 1 credit (per month) to purchase any title in the Premium selection and exclusive discounts. Each level comes with a FREE 30-Day trial, so what's not to lose?!

For even MORE info on Audible, check out my post on Audible!


A Skillshare membership can change a person’s life – for real! There is such a range of classes on here ranging from a quick fun tutorial on how to draw a penguin all of the way up to how to start a new career path in an entirely new direction. I’m a huge fan of Skillshare, I recommend it to people all of the time – maybe a little too much, but it really is that awesome!

29. Museum Membership

(Snapshot of Joy of Museum's Facebook Photos)

There are museums just about everywhere and they showcase just about everything! Each of these lists categorize by area and by topic/type. The US list also includes aquariums, planetariums, and zoos! Take a look at these lists to see what’s out there:

Lists of Museums in the USA

Lists of World Museums

There are even virtual museum tours online like Joy of Museums!

30. Heygo (Virtual Travel Tours)

Speaking of virtual tours... Heygo describes itself as “a travel specific live-streaming platform. One that would allow local guides to share the places they know best with the hope that it can bring people around the world closer together.” You can jump into tours that are already in session and see what tours are scheduled for later, but you can’t see past tours, so they recommend that you take screenshots with the virtual postcard feature.

The membership is FREE, yes really! But you can tip the tour guides and follow your favorites to see where they go next! And what’s even more awesome is that the streams are interactive, so you can ask your guide questions as they go! There’s even an app for Apple & Android, so you can view the tours anywhere! The number of !! in this paragraph might indicate how excited I am that I found Heygo. 😊




If you have a little more time… or just want to make someone’s day, here are a few options to do just that!

31. Harry & David’s Gift Baskets

I have never met a Harry &David’s gift basket that I didn’t like. Literally legit. You can now buy some of the items from their baskets separately… SOLD!

Classic Meat & Cheese

Sweet & Salty

Pear, Nut, & Popcorn (don’t worry, there are signature chocolate truffles in there, too!)

32. Big Bottom Zipper Pouch - Night Terrarium from Elkberry

A fun little pouch that holds a lot more than it seems due to that roomy big bottom! There are 2 different sizes and each size has a choice of a white or black zipper. This pouch was designed to look like a terrarium (check out the bottom!) but there are A TON of other options available and more all added all of the time! Check out all of our zipper pouches and Valentine's goodies!

33. Personalized Film Roll Keychain

This is a great way for someone to gather your best memories and give them as a gift that your loved one can take with them anywhere. Sure people have everything at their fingertips on their phones, but these are specially chosen moments. You can choose 10, 15, or 20 images and you can even add a few words to the end of the roll. 😊

34. Custom Neon Sign

Ok, this one would certainly be a huge hit and it just might start a new collection! You can give them any message (from 4-30 letters) in a wide selection of fonts and at least 10 different color options that you can mix & match! There are some add-ons like a dimmer switch & remote AND you can choose to have different backboard shapes (rectangle, heart).

35. Red Hearts on Navy - Tote Bag from Elkberry

A super cute, yet stylish tote that holds a lot of goodies and can even be used as a shopping bag or a gift bag for all of the wonderful gifts you get! There are 3 different sizes and A LOT of different styles available. Check out all of our tote bags and Valentine's goodies!

And there you have it! That completes this list of last minute Valentine’s gifts (plus a few bonus items). I hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones!!

Catch ya later and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

❤️ Alecia

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