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Gift Guide for Book Lovers!

Gift Guide for Book Lovers!

Know someone who can't stop sniffing books to soak in that old paper smell? Is it you?! Hey, this is a judgement-free zone, so grab your smelliest book and check out this list. I'm a book collector, myself, so each one of these goodies gets my personal stamp of approval! 

Just click on the title or the picture to get a closer look!

1. Old Books Scented Candle

OMG - we were just talking about smelly books! What a crazy coincidence! Ok, so I had to start here. People LOVE this candle, they say it's like walking into a library. Ahhh, let's just close our eyes and imagine we're in a library... hey! snap out of it, we have some shopping to do!

Also, if your book lover isn't into that kind of smell, this one is pretty yummy!

2. Scratch Off Poster for 100 Must Read Books


How stinkin' cool is this?! I want one of these posters for everything I do in life. Like, every snack I've ever had, every fancy coffee drink I've tasted, every color shirt I've worn... I need to see my progress to know where I'm at in life, know what I mean?

3. Reading lights


Depending on where they read, a reading light might be the perfect gift. Here are 3 different kinds!

Rechargeable Reading Light

Neck Reading Light

Book Night Light

4. Bookish Tote Bag

What better way to hold all of those bookish goodies than with a bag that reminds them of their bookish love?! Here at Elkberry, we like books (in fact, we have an entire collection of bookish things right HERE!) and we also have a thing for tote bags (like all deez sweet ones).


5. Kindle

Some people love to hold a physical book and others like to read on a Kindle or a mix of both, like me! I LOVE handling books and libraries and everything that comes with them (even the aggressive shushing, yes, that was me), but I personally like reading on the Kindle because it's lit (tee hee) and because I can take multiple books with me anywhere I go. The Kindle has come a long way since the beginning and they have one for just about everyone ranging from the all-in-one Kindle Fire tablet to the luxurious Kindle Scribe which comes with a pen stylus for making notes while reading (anyone need a gift idea for me? :D).

If you're looking for a nice, versatile Kindle for easy reading and portability, check out their tried and true standard Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite which has an adjustable warm light.

You can also gift a Kindle Unlimited Membership in 6, 12, and 24 month durations. If you want to know more about Kindles or the Unlimited Membership, check out my post on everything Kindle!

6. Go Away, I'm Reading Sign

Let's just make things nice and clear to avoid any hissy fits or hurt feelings. :) Honestly, this is probably a little more important than a name tag on a desk. I already read that paragraph 3 times trying to comprehend what just happened, let's not make it 4!

7. Book Nerd (Yes, a book about books!)


Now this is truly something a book lover would understand - a book about books! It's just a feel good book about the love of books and all things related to them.

8. Creative Book Classes - Skillshare Membership

Skillshare Logo

Skillshare has TONS of classes for the bookish crew (among many other topics!). They can pick and choose single classes or sign up for a Learning Path that suggests a few classes to get them closer to an end goal. Just a quick search found 840 different classes for Book Art and the classes are sorted by Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced and also by class length, so it will cover any Gardener!

Most classes have a Class Project so they can even track their progress with others (totally optional)! A yearly membership is $99 and that includes access to every class in their catalog. Seriously great stuff - I'm on there all of the time!



I couldn't decide which one of these I liked, so I'm listing all 4! They'll never lose their place with these markers!

Book Darts (Let's get to the point!)


Heart Page Corners

Little Nessie


10. Personalized Name Stamp

The perfect touch for anyone who's building a home library and likes to lend their books out because part of the fun of reading books is sharing them with others!

11. Checkout Cards

Speaking of lending books, now there's no question as to who has the book and when. Just make sure to let them know the fees upfront! :)

12. Book Stand for reading in bed or while traveling

This is perfect for those who like to read and relax, eat, and / or travel. There's a slot to hold a phone or a highlighter, page holders (so the book doesn't fall on their face), and a nice padded pillow.


13. Reading Journal

This Book Lover's Journal is perfect for any avid reader who likes to keep track of what they read and what they thought about it. It includes a nice "Scale of 1 to 10" section for quick rating and also a section to list additional books they'd like to read. There's a big check list in the back of the "World's Great Books" that the book lover can check off as they go!

14. Funny Book Socks

Funny socks are always a hot gift in my family, especially if they're matched to the person's hobbies or personality.

15. Book Lovers Gift Box

If you're looking for a little more than a pair of funny socks, how about a gift box (with funny socks inside!). This box is a combo of a few great gifts, it is sure to be a pleaser!

16. Enamel Book Pins (Set of 7)

Enamel pins are pretty popular these days. I feel like it's an easy way to put out the message you're sending at the moment. This set could be split up among a few book lovers on your list!

17. Audible Membership

An Audible Membership gives you a way to listen to books if you're not able to read them or if you want to multi-task (hello, long commute anyone?). I know several people with Audible Memberships and they all signed up & use the service for different reasons whether it's a long commute, working out, encouragement to finish difficult tasks, poor / tired eyes, sleep aide, or they just comprehend better when someone else reads to them. In other words, an Audible Membership works for just about anyone! Here's how to give a membership as a gift.

There are two different types of memberships, the Plus level gives you open access to listen to whatever is in the Audible library and the Premium Plus level includes 1 credit (per month) to purchase any title in the Premium selection and exclusive discounts. Each level comes with a FREE 30-Day trial, so what's not to lose?!

For even MORE info on Audible, check out my post on Audible!

 18. Book Subscription Boxes

Book Subscription Boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, like literally. :) They'll think of you and thank you (possible telepathically), every month.

If you know what they're into, here's a list of just a few types of book subscription boxes:

- Romance

- Thriller (you can specify Horror / Mystery / Thriller / Random)

- Mystery

- Kids (designed to Inspire, Entertain, and Educate kids)

- Teen / Young Adult (YA)

- Books & Coffee (includes a bag of coffee in each box)

- Manga (18+)

- Writers

- Comic Books

- Coloring Books

- Great Reads

- Astronomy (I put this one in here in case anyone needs a gift idea for me)

There are TONS of subscription boxes out there, check out my post & suggestions on subscription boxes here!


19. Book Nook Book Ends

These book ends are. stinkin'. awesome. Not only are they fun to play with while they're on the bookshelf, they need to be built first! All of the little pieces are included in the kit. I can't be the only person who wants to live inside these book nooks!

20. Create a Real Life Book Nook!

These pieces will allow anyone to have their very own real life book nook in any room of the house!

Bookshelf Tapestry

Banned Books Pillow Cover

Stacked Books Tissue Box

Library Card Coasters

And that's the Gift Guide for Book Lovers! I really hope you found this list helpful. Enjoy & Happy Gift Giving!


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